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The Mushiny T-series robots revolutionize warehouse storage by reducing labor intensity and increasing picking efficiency. The height of picking stations can reach up to 2.7 meters, fully utilizing warehouse space and increasing storage capacity by over 20%.

T6-800 ​​​​​​​

T6-800 mobile robot

High speed​​​​​​​

2.2m/s (7.92km/h)

High environmental tolerance​​​​​​​

Battery operating temperature:-20°C~50°C

High load/dimension ratio

Load/dimension ratio: 4,900 kg/m3


T6-1200/1500 mobile robot

Safe and reliable

Obstacle avoidance,fireproof, anti-collisionas well as sound andlight alarms

Flexible extension​​​​​​​

Supporting variousassemblies, such asrobotic arms, rollersand pallet tooling​​​​​​​

Easy accessibility​​​​​​​

Rapid learning and deployment